booth-141-alison-foxI have loved glass ever since I can remember.  The way the light comes through it from a full moon to the slightest reflections has always been intriguing to me.  And color.  Layers of color.  Fields of color!  I cannot live without it.  When all these things come together, it truly has an effect on me that fuels my passion for this medium.

My ideas are always evolving and, having started my art doing stained glass in the traditional form, I quickly became tired of that as I’m known to do many things in a “non-traditional” way.  (Just look at my hair.)

I bought a tiny, turquoise plate that I had found in an antique store.  I had to have it because it was just so cool.  I put it in a drawer not knowing how I was going to use it.  Then one day it struck me.  It’s a piece of glass, a flat piece of glass that I could easily solder into a pattern.  I used it as a center of a flower medallion in a panel and the panel immediately sold.  Then I started adding more and more plates (why not?) and found that I had really started something.  Then came the hardware pieces, jewelry findings and stampings.  Now, if something sits still long enough, I just might use it!