About Me

  • Attended college in Grand Rapids, MI where I met my husband

  • Lived in Wisconsin again for 20 years where we raised our 4 daughters

  • 14 years later we now have 4 sons-in-law and 10 grandchildren

  • My career included being a church organist and music director, teaching and sales.

  • A neighbor taught me sewing skills when I was very young.  Designing and sewing clothes for my dolls gave me the basis upon which to not only design and sew clothes for my children, but also accessories for my home.  A dream of mine became a reality when I was able to design and sew a wedding dress for each of our four daughters.

    After becoming an empty nester, the need for filling empty space became apparent.  The new found interest of dollmaking filled that space with a mosaic of fabric, color and texture.

    Three of our four daughters chose art-related careers.  Now it’s my turn!