booth-86-mark-orrCarved wooden Ravens or Crows perched on each piece are the symbolic gatherer of found objects and messengers of new possibilities. These Ravens and Crows have become Mark’s “signature” adding to his artwork’s unique edge. They often hold in their beaks antique skeleton keys to symbolize the “opening of doors”. A pair of vintage dice might represent chance or even fate. Hand painted wood eggs suggest new beginnings, potential and ancestry. A vintage watch is to remind us of our place in the universe. The Ravens and Crows have become so popular that Mark has recently introduced a new body of work where they are the main element in one of a kind sculptures. They are often perched on carved wood hearts, balanced on vintage billiard balls and atop a variety of found architectural antiques.

The art furniture which was the heart of Scavenger Art’s origin is now available for custom orders only. Here, vintage architectural elements and found objects from the past are playfully combined in surprising ways to create functional art furniture and one of a kind sculptures. Antique shutters become the sides of curio cabinets or book cases and the tops to both sofa and side tables. Vintage stairway balusters, bowling pins, croquet balls and fence posts become whimsical feet and legs for Mark’s hutches, cabinets, tables and boxes. Scavenger Art Furniture often features a roof top and gable design to accentuate the architectural feel and sense of “home”.

Where new materials are used, a variety of paint techniques including distressing and crackling work to blend with the vintage found objects and maintain the primitive style. Metals are also rusted and patinated with charming results.

Each piece, be it pure sculpture or functional art furniture, is hand made and carved, all larger artwork is numbered and carries the Scavenger signature. Enjoy!