booth-56-mark-lewanski-mary-simcoxI started making my functional glass boxes in the spring of 2000. This “gaudy” box at right was my very first creation. It’s really just a test of various media I was doing in order to see how to embellish my work. I thought it was “outre,” (a French word meaning “bizarre”) which led to the first incarnation of my studio name, Ultre. Thousands of boxes and many art shows later, I’m still creating these truly unique pieces and earning a reputation for always having something different. In 2002, Mary and I started using left over glass from the boxes to create unique contemporary mosaic mirrors. Today, these mirrors have grown to be an important part of our body of work and are sought after by avid collectors of “funky” art. In August of 2002 I moved into my new residence/studio in the riverside town of Portland, MI. Portland is located on US-96, just 20 miles west of Lansing and 40 miles east of Grand Rapids.