booth-43-rachel-jensenRachel Jensen is a born artist. She has always been fond of malleable material, from the playdoh fun factory on.  She took her first official ceramics class at the age of 9 and made a plethora of pieces referencing the animal world. Later she found clay again and eventually graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design with a BFA in Ceramics and Graphic Design.  After this, she went back for a post baccalaureate art education certificate.
Rachel pursues art from many angles. She teaches art and digital art to middle school students, as well as clay workshops at Yourist Studio Gallery. She also takes on freelance design work on occasion. Rachel is as much a student as she is a teacher, taking classes in new mediums when opportunities arise. Her most recent interest has been in metal and jewelry classes.

Rachel is inspired by all things creative. She could not live without music. She loves to dance no matter what she looks like while doing it. She greatly admires the escapes provided to her by writers and filmmakers. She is amazed by the natural world, and even more so by the love and support of her friends and family.