Between the 3 of ‘us’, Me, Myself, and I, all images are created by Me and Me alone. There is no full time staff, no assistants, no interns, no sending the work out for someone else to shoot, print or mat/frame. Myself takes care of the matting, framing and printing of images. I and only I attend the festivals to promote and sell my images. All work was created ‘Out There’ along or near the Eastern region of the United States, as well as Germany and now a bigger portion right in my studio. Images are created with the camera, they are not computer generated, some may look it but they are not. One example I will give is the Hot Peppers in the Grinder. It was created in my studio, on one piece of film. The grinder and hot peppers were photographed with strobe lighting, and then in darkness, while the shutter on the camera was open, I opened and ‘lit’ a propane hose that I had previously snaked inside the grinder to ignite the flame. Three rolls of film later, I knew I had something.

With changes in the field of photography, I have started to embrace the new digital era and will integrate that knowledge into my everyday photo sessions. Of course with it brings new problems, new skills and fresh ideas. That’s what I like about photography, there’s always something innovative and exciting to do with the medium! I can always create something unique with it and that’s what sets me apart from all the rest.  I dare to be imaginative , different, and at the same time have fun doing it.