booth-110-falcher-nadia-fusager“Being an artist is a tremendous privilege, one that I treasure every day. Art, to me, embodies life’s magnificence and offers ways to communicate a dimension of emotion and experiences that can not else be seen or touched. Each of my designs embody distinctive

senses of emotion and experiences, thus forming our current collections; Harmony, Serenity, Creations, Abundance, Exploration and Revelations. While exploring the limits of magical colors and ancient techniques, I strive to express as much beauty and individuality in each piece as possible.

I am truly grateful to be able to share my visions with you. I hope you will treasure your piece of MAGICK jewelry and allow it to be an addition to the richness of your life experience;

    • That you will wear it as a reminder of the Harmony and Serenity inside and around you
    • That it will inspire you to enjoy growth through the processes of Creations and Exploration
    • That it will guide your discovery of Abundance and Revelations within and beyond.
    • That it will express and support your personal sense of beauty and be a reflection of your inner strengths, always.

Thank you for wearing a piece of MAGICK jewelry.

Falcher Fusager