chamberlainChamberlain’s primary focus in designing her mixed media paintings, is the exploration of man and his relationship to the natural environment.. Her pieces evoke conceptual references to nature, botanical themes, the figurative form and early childhood memories.

Vintage elements: glass lenses, printer’s type, furniture hardware, clock faces are just some of the elements used in creating these theaters. In the studio, found objects take a direction of their own and, through the assemblage process, evolve into their own form.

Special painting processes unite all elements. Various woodworking equipment: the lathe, router and scroll saw, are employed to develop architectural elements and the painting supports. Texturing and transfer techniques, developed by the artist, contribute to the dialogue.

Chamberlain draws upon the simplification associated with the Arts and Crafts Period. She creates works that eliminate the superfluous in life, reducing reality to the essentials.

Man’s relationship to his environment is explored through the assemblage process of combining dissimilar found objects. The artist’s most recent series explores man’s fascination with life and spirituality. The bird image is used to examine this quest. Scales and clock faces appear to connect us to our mortality. Childlike figures lead us to the path of our own introspective journey. Man’s fascination with his surroundings is examined within these confines.