booth-196-robin-renee-hixBorn in the Rio Grande Valley, Robin Renee Hix has been influenced by Mexico since her first trip over the border at age five.

She thinks of herself as a “callejera with a camera” which in Spanish denotes a person who likes to wander the streets. Capturing unexpected street images and unique culture, her black and white images are diverse. She photographs beaches, towns, and landscapes, as well as the people who live in these off the path places.

Her work is united by her eye for beauty in the unexpected details, often missed. Hix presents buildings cobbled together with scraps and presents them as venerable fold art temples. Boys throw simple paper airplanes toward the sky and we are invited to glimpse a second of their stark world.

Back in her Texas Hill Country studio she often transforms her photographs into brilliantly colored and finely detailed oil colored paintings allowing venue for creativity, unique color sense and fine craftsmanship. Recently, Hix modified a “junk” camera, which she uses to create diffused grainy surfaces that mimic her offbeat compositions and subjects.