booth-145-oscar-matos-linaresMy fine art photography is like human life always in progress. Each of my series has a common concept, human development. I obtain my images by photographing subjects that I have developed a passion for. Usually, like many others photographers, I will obtain 100;s of images so I can select a few. I usually explore and study the areas where I plan to photograph. I select a group of subjects. I study how the lighting and perspective change them. This process could take from a few minutes to several days. I develop the film, and then a few weeks after developing the film, I select the possible candidates from the negatives. The candidates I select will be printed. I review the prints and conclude if they work with past work or they can be used as the start of a new series. At this stage, I prefer to capture my images in color but some images are done in black and white. I choose slide film for my 645 camera and 35 mm. I print all my images on Fiujicolor Crystal paper.