Born in South Africa, has been educated in the Netherlands, South Africa, Italy and America.  She has exhibited in numerous Galleries and Museums in Florida and internationally in Florence Italy. The Daytona Museum of Art has one of Estella’s art pieces in their permanent collection.
I rapidly grew from functional pottery by feeling the earth move through her hands as she was molding clay. This drew to nature and now considers herself a sculptress. “We are so far removed from nature that we are broken not whole anymore. To become whole again, you must listen to your inner self and return to Nature.” Her work is born from the earth, the wood and the fire. She truncates at the shoulders of her sculptures because “It confuses everybody, the torso is the soul.”  I use clay/porcelain and lost wax technique for bronze. My firing techniques are sawdust fired or Raku. I incorporate natural elements like precious/  semi precious stones and fossils to complete the sculpture.