It sounds cliche’, “I wanted to be an artist ever since I was a little girl”; but it’s true. My love for art began with pencils. I spent hours drawing all observable details of my subject. In high school, my technical skills blossomed, resulting in my first watercolor painting winning Best of Show in a student exhibition at a museum. In college, I continued to grow in classes of Art History, Design, Drawing (included Figure), etc. I  believe in my heart that I was born to capture my surroundings with a perspective that encourages others to see the “every day” more in depth than the typical passerbys’ glance. Art is an extension of ones self & I am blessed to share my love for art & to have that love be accepted. My current work of photographic compositions, are created by using multiple cameras/lenses/lens covers, light & wonderment view of the world. My technique: Balance background/color/negative & positive space according to the image style I want to achieve. My goal: Consistent art.