I got started with leather craft many years ago when I was part of a civil war re-enactors group . I started making vintage leather bags with period correct pit tanned leather . I always loved art class  and creating designs throughout all my years in school. There was something about leather craft that I found a certain magic to,making a idea in my head become a REAL physical thing. I know it sounds odd but he leather told me what it wanted to be,  leather work became a hobby that later on has become a central part of my life . In College I got seriously involved in performance Poetry .I started to make my own leather journals as I could find none in the stores that I felt was a true expression of my thoughts. It wasn’t long before other Slam poets asked me to make journals for them.Today II design all my own original journal cover art and personally make each and every one by my own hand . I have won best of show multiple times . By doing what you love,you live what you love .