tiryMy jewelry is made using just a needle, thread and tiny glass beads. I just love to incorporate Swarovski crystals, pearls and seed beads into each piece. I enjoy using traditional off-loom weaving techniques or combining multiple techniques to create intricate layers of color and texture into wearable art.. My favorite stitches are the Herringbone and Right-Angle-Weave. I continue to research and experiment new techniques for new ways to construct an elegant piece of jewelry.

As a teenager I learned how to sew.  I enjoyed it so much, I continued to take classes throughout middle and high school.

Because of my love for sewing my Grandma Bauer gave me my Great-Grandma Katen’s pinking shears as a heirloom. It’s a cherished item passed down from generations of women in my family who love to sew. I believe that my experience with sewing has given me the ability to do bead weaving. In 2003 I was introduced to some unique jewelry made by others and investigated how it was made and found that there was a local bead store offering classes. After taking my first bead weaving class I was hooked and haven’t been able to stop since. It not only is an excellent form of relaxation, but provides a sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece.

Inspiration for my pieces comes primarily from the Glamour of the Red Carpet and Hollywood Celebrities . Some would say my jewelry has a Victorian look to it as well. The beads themselves also inspire me because they come in every size, shape, material and color. My designs usually evolve as I play with the colors and shapes of the beads. I often weave and embellish with small beads that allow me to add unique texture to my pieces. These tiny beads also provide me with an almost unlimited color palette to incorporate into my jewelry. The colors that I choose are very important to the look of each piece of jewelry.

My 2010 collection was inspired by Joan Rivers. I enjoyed watching “Celebrity Apprentice” and on one episode she was wearing this rather large pendant. I said to myself, “I want to make something like that weaving beads together”. After some trial and error, I made my first piece called “Aurora” for the 2010 collection. It’s amazing how creating one piece can generate an entire series of designs! In 2011 I found that I was drawn to creating pieces either in Black and White or Black and Gold.

Bead weaving has provided me the perfect medium to express my imagination and style in each piece of jewelry.

My main venue for retail is at Fine Art and Craft Shows.  Please click on the Shows link to see the latest listing of shows that I will be attending or contact me to schedule your own personal showing.

I also have been teaching my designs at the Art Glass and Bead Show in Madison, WI as well as the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee  Check their website for date and times.  Hope to see you in class.  You won’t be disappointed!