Set up times for Wednesday July 19, 2017

are as follows





11am   Blue Zone Booths 106 thru 156

 11am    Green Zone  Booths 23 thru 38


11am    Orange Zone  Booths 1 thru 22

11am    Orange Zone  Booths 63 thru 82


11 am    Purple Zone  Booths 157 – 200

1pm      Yellow Zone   Booths 83-105



  • Except Purple all traffic patterns are one way. See arrow on your site access map.


  • The fire-lane must be maintained at all times.


  • Engines should be turned off during unloading.


                                                           Vehicular access is for UNLOADING ONLY.

ALL vehicles must unload and leave the site. 


No booth preparation is allowed while a vehicle is on site.