booth-135-mindy-rodman-paul-whiteRodman White House is the collaboration of Mindy Rodman and Paul White. Together we create whimsical, polychromatic sculpture , sculptural furniture and furnishings.

We met while studying cinematography at City College of San Francisco in the late 1970’s. Our marriage and creative partnership began in 1980, when we embarked on a decade of making short films and videos together. In 1992 , wanting to work in a more tangible medium, we switched our creative focus to art furniture and furnishings. We started by working primarily in wood, then in 2002, we learned to weld and added metal to our mix of medias. It was at that time that we started including indoor/outdoor sculpture into our repertoire.

We feel that our cinematic background, combined with our love of music and dance, accounts for the strong visual rhythms and theatrical elements of our current work. We love to travel and explore other cultures, and attribute this influence as well, to the anthropomorphic nature of our pieces.

Although our primary mediums are wood and steel, we incorporate a variety of mixed media into our pieces, many of them common hardware store items. Pipes, nuts, bolts and washers appear as drawer pulls and design elements;  corrugated roofing metal shows up as decorative finish; assorted plumbing and automotive parts get incorporated into sculptures, and everything from bottle caps to copper wire get inlaid as design elements.

Many of our pieces pay homage to such artists as Matisse, Miro and Picasso. While we are also influenced by the art deco and art nouveau movements, our designs all have their own unique spin. Some appear to be dancing, or moving to an unheard rhythm, others convey a story or an emotion. All of our pieces include a healthy dose of humor. Our goal is to remove “art” from the rarefied halls of the museum and bring it into the home, where it can be used and interacted with on a regular basis.

Mindy was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; Paul comes from Kewanee, a small town in Illinois. Together we have lived in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, in Northern California’s wine country. Since 1996 we have lived in a warehouse in Oakland’s live/work district, where our studio/showroom is open to the public by appointment.