booth-130-ryan-kushIt all started with a roadside find. A curious pigeonhole style hutch deserted by its previous owner. “Who built this? How old is it? What is the history of the wood, and why did they paint it that weird institution green?” I had to have it so I plucked it out of the trash and took it home; as i do with much of the materials that I use in my art. Everytime I use it, I still wonder about its history. The mystery of unsigned craftsman style carpentry had found its way into my brain! From there I discovered the beauty of vintage books. Their covers, spines, illustrations, and color seem to come from a time when  graphic design was thought of more carefully and more like art.

As an amateur wood worker I acquired a few jobs working for other artists and these positions taught me the valuable skills needed to start producing my own pieces of art. I learned how to use creativity and ingenuity to solve problems, modify the tools and materials available, how to mould and shape wood and some rather unconventional finishing techniques.

As time goes on, I will continue to build more elaborate assemblages using the materials I find and drag back to my studio. I make theses pieces of art to create wonder and to bring back interaction with eye-catching objects that have been cast aside long ago.

Please enjoy them with your eyes and your hands.