117-suze-ford“Consumed with images and emotions of memories, dreams, faith, expectations, history, words, journals, colors, text, space, textures, culture, gender, identity, even lyrics and melodies, I find myself striving to make since of it all.

Sometimes it creates an overwhelming feeling of chaos.

This is the inspiration for my work.  These elements combine in my works as they do in life.   Evolving at times arbitrarily, and unexpectedly each work creating their own DNA.  The layers embody a history of past, present, and the foreshadowing of future.  They simply parallel the human experience.

My work comes from a perception of life as a girl, an adolescent and a woman. I like to think I illustrate an optimistic view point on the melancholy and awkwardness life can bring.  The variable in all of this work is the place that each viewer comes from.  One’s own life experiences are what define the story of each piece.  My fascination continues with this constant changing variable.

I proceed to find a clarity and serenity amongst all the chaos.”