Two generations of the Kelemen Family —- devoted to the magic world of glass.

Together, ibooth-108-beatriz-kelemenn 1983, they opened KELEMEN KUATRO GLASSART in Venezuela. Josefina and Frank continued to perfect their art work while Alicia and Beatriz moved to Boston, where they remained until 2005. Today, the twin sisters continue their work in Asheville, NC under the name K4 GLASSART.

Alicia and Beatriz develop their work by using different designs, techniques, and materials that showcase the desired optic effects, forms and textures, in a wide array of sculptures and colors.

For coloring, laminated crystal glass is used in conjunction with compatible enamels and oxidizing substances. This technique creates Enamel-Type Sculptures.

The work of K4 GLASSART is represented worldwide in fine art and museum exhibitions. You can find their glass in public and private collections. The White House, Denmark Glass Museum permanent collection, the Juan Pablo II Cathedral in Venezuela, the King of Spain, the King of Jordan, and Arnold Shwarzenegger all own K4 GLASSART (Kelemen Kuatro Glassart) pieces.