The process of making these paintings often begins with the recollection of being somewhere. I start by sketching tiny thumbnail diagrams annotating them with color comments and ideas. This gives me a chance to begin from my imagination, not a photograph. I may visit the site after the initial drawings are done, photographing or sketching to include forgotten elements which may contribute to the piece. I resist actual colors from the real place, preferring my imagined reality and the interaction of the paints on the canvas. From there a more developed set of drawings ensues, sometimes in color pencil or marker. Small study paintings are the next step. If the idea emerges from this level successfully, I design and paint a large canvas. This is by far the most demanding stage. In the end the piece has been done several times before a final painting is produced. While the piece may resemble the place which inspired it, it is more a reflection of the process of making it. If it is successful it exhibits my reaction to the place, not the place itself.