64-leiffersMy rugs are hand woven using point twill weave structure, with color and weave applications. Color is the focus of my work. Weaving is the vehicle that provides for subtle nuances of color change and very interesting optical mixing through the interlacement of warp and weft. In order to create this palette of colors I hand dye the yarn using several methods: vat, space dye, discharge, over dye, and two self-developed processes, a weighted dye bath and a glazing technique.

Using these techniques, I transform industrial mop cotton into hand woven rugs. The hand dyed mop cotton brings forth the possibility of various and unique colors, as well as one of a kind color combinations. I am inspired by these colors. They create relationships that can be harmonious, melodic, and even sometimes dissonant.

I use countermarch looms that provide the greatest versatility in weave structure. The weave structure helps to mold the relationship between the various colors of yarn.

Relationship defines life to me. We are in relationships with ourselves, with others, with objects, and environments. This creates the pattern of our lives. The pattern of life is echoed by the weaving process in that it is an integral relationship between the artist, loom, and yarn which is vital to the creation of woven expression.