booth-153-michael-romanikI was first introduced to enameling in 1988 while a student at CIA. I didn’t even know what enamel was until I was a fourth-year student at the Institute, when a friend showed me pieces she had made. I took enameling as an elective class the next semester, and as an Independant Study the following year. Along with prints, drawings and works in glass, I incorporated enamel into multi-media pieces for my 5th-year thesis show.

In the early days, I taught myself to fabricate settings for enamel pieces from copper. I started working in sterling and, soon after, I started working in gold. I researched and experimented for many years to refine my skills. I am basically self-taught in many of my enameling techniques and in my metal work.

I have been a self-employed enamelist since 1992, focusing and specializing in cloisonne. The inspiration for my work comes from various interests: the images and designs of ancient civilizations such as Egyptian, Mayan and Celtic; nature and natural forms such as insects, birds and plants; and my most recent body of work explores the contrast / compliment of color and the use of repetitious geometric patterns and lines.