booth-55-mira-ramanIsraeli artist Mira Raman creates works of handmade paper and acrylic with a zen-like innocence that appeal to adults and children, men and women. Her paintings, both large and small, touch something special in each of us.

Raman quotes in her personal biography, “A wise man once said, ‘Every morning an artist should wake up and forget everything he has ever done before.'” This is exactly what Raman reaches for in all of her works of art. After graduation from the State Art Teacher’s Training College in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, Raman taught painting and art history and also designed exhibitions. Eventually, she came to a point where merely teaching art was not exciting enough as it did not allow her to express her inner feelings or tap her creativity. This lack of fulfillment cause her to search in a new direction. Her breakthrough happened after she took a course in Japanese art, concentrating on calligraphy and papermaking. These mediums enabled Raman to express herself through a more personal kind of creativity and to start painting large canvasses. The real change, however, came unexpectedly, as she was practicing drawing a “kanji” – Japanese calligraphy – depicting “clearness” (the sun and the moon, combined). Raman was intrigued by the beauty and nuance in the small shape. This, in turn inspired her to paint a series of small brightly colored, minimalist pictures, pastoral and full optimism: a blue, balloon-dotted sky, with kites and small boats below and flowers and sheep. Her small pictures are full of fun, yet peaceful and childlike. The innocence in the world they present brings a smile to the lips of their beholder. Mira Raman has shown her work throughout Israel in the United States. Her work is in collections as diverse as New York, Chicago, California and Pennsylvania. She meets with critical acclaim wherever she goes.