brill2Reina Mia Brill is a New York City based artist whose work has been exhibited extensively in the US and internationally.  She is the recipient of a Bronx Council on the Arts Grant as well as a New York Foundation on the Arts Fellowship. Her sculptures have been published in over 10 books and many magazines. In 2009, Brill’s work was featured on the Cover of Surface Design Magazine. This year she is traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia on invitation for an international figurative exhibition.

Working in knitted wire and clay, Brill creates oddly endearing sculptures that look as if they just walked out of a fractured fairytale.  Her visual vocabulary reflects on her childhood years of playing creature drawing games with her Dad folded into the way she sees the world today. Using antique knitting machines, like a character out of an old fable, she animates the surface of the clay with colorful netlike wire skins that are stretched onto each figure.