shepardson1 I design and make fun and functional kiln-fired glass tableware, using brightly colored iridescent glasses. All the cutting is done by hand, and then the pieces are assembled and fused together in the kilns.  A second firing  slumps the pieces over their molds, creating bowls and plates.

I am especially  drawn to creating pattern with repeating shapes, having been inspired by quilting my entire life. Playing with the color combinations in glass is the best part. Another thing I love is working out cutting patterns that create negatives and positives, and using both shapes in the creation of a piece.

My background  is in interior design, but soon discovered that I enjoyed the design of smaller items more, as well as being able to work with my hands. My designs have evolved over the years from originally a fairly representative style, to a style where now I work much more with abstract forms and shapes, emphasizing bold color combinations and graphic looks.