Creatures of habit, we move through our days reliant on visual shorthand. We see so little of what there is to see, and most of that gets dismissed as soon as we put a name to it. We subject the visual to the tyranny of the verbal. I taught myself photography by walking the same streets each day with a  borrowed camera. Each afternoon I took 36 pictures, developed the film, and waited for the film to dry. Each evening I struggled in the darkroom to fashion photos that would tell in intimate terms not just what I had seen, but what it felt like to be there on that very day. Looking to find something emotionally true by being completely where I was a telling a story about a specific place, specific people, at a specific time. I spent years as a photojournalist trying to do the same thing. Now these very personal photos all archivally produced, printed on 100% cotton rag paper and finished with acid-free and UV protecting materials.