For 2011 we are adding stone, resin, and gems into our mix of fused glass and silver.  In addition to these adding to the overall design, at times they will be integrated into the fused glass itself.  For instance, in one piece we will create a cavity in which I will laminate in rough agate.  This will then be ground down and polished with the glass until it is smooth to create a very unique stone.

For the glass itself we start with art glass and dichroic glass sheets.  Numerous elements are added to the glass  which is then fired numerous times.   The glass created is cut into shapes that will bring out the most interest in each piece of jewelry.  Those shapes are then ground and polished.  Once the stone is finished, then Sterling silver, copper, or brass is hand formed to accentuate the stone that was made. In some cases we also acid etch, sandblast, roll print, and distress the silver to give it character.  We do not use any PMC.