mellottLimited edition photographs, the majority taken with medium and large format film cameras.  The film (transparencies) are drum-scanned to digital formats and digitally printed on my large format (44″, 12-color) pigmented ink printer on both photographic paper and canvas.

For me, photography is about how I see, my vision.  Finding a composition, determining when is the proper time to photograph the subject matter (e.g., time of year, time of day, cloud conditions, weather), all of which affect the color of light.

I render most images on film because of the color and resolution of medium and large format film.  Most colors in my work are not post-processed (e.g., Photoshop’d).  They reflect the natural colors and long exposures (typically 1-8 sec).

When I do post-process, it is to produce a specific effect.  For example, rendering an image to appear like an abstract or impressionistic painting.

I do all my own work except the film processing.  All prints are limited editions.