The process that I use of steel nails welded to a steel armature is unique and one that I came up with while trying to imitate the look of fur for a bear sculpture I wanted to create.

I create my artwork out of steel nails welded to a hand made steel rod armature.  The average piece may contain up to 60,000 nails.  The type of nails used are collated, common, varying sizes of finishing nails, cut nails, and even railroad spikes   Some nails are welded end to end to make strands of hair, other nails are welded side by side and end by end to give a smooth texture, where most nails are welded in an overlapping pattern to give the appearance of fur. A simple rail road spike can be used a couple of different ways one by heating up and hammering the head into a round shape to be used as an eye or heating up and hammering out the tip of the spike into a claw.
The tools used in this process are mig welder, stick welder, various hammers, and a plasma cutter.