Using a layering technique with acrylic paint and clear matte medium, I build my surfaces in search of visual depth, a personal narrative and exciting color relationships.  While my influences include quilts and textiles, I embrace the spontaneity of painting and its generous allowance for sudden alterations of both subject and mood.
I find affinity with the artists of the brief “Pattern and Decoration” movement of the 1970’s. They sought to elevate textile arts as well as non-western folk arts in a sort of challenge to the cold minimalist abstraction of the time. As I do, they created works using a flattening grid, bold color, and imperfect pattern.
When I am at home, my studio practice is a daily one.  Being able to work for long stretches on individual pieces generates many exciting visual experiences for me.  Painting has brought great joy to my life and I feel strongly the need to reflect that back to viewers.