I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years with work in the collections of Northwestern Prentice Hospital, Columbia College, American Pediatrics Society and various private collections. Currently, I am exploring more contemporary forms of display for my work. For the 20X20, 12X12 and 6X6 pieces I mount my hand printed museum quality photos onto painted birch cradled panels. I then add layers of UV lacquer for protection and then hand resin the whole box. This adds a clean ultra sheen look to the image and is ready for hanging.
Next I’ve been using the older method of photo transfer to create affordable and sometimes functional art. I hand transfer my images onto Italian white marble, remove the paper so only the ink stays on the tile. Then I put layers of acrylic on the tile to protect the image. It can either be used as hanging art or with a backing of cork can be used as a beautiful coaster.