My work for many years has been inspired by Asian ceramic traditions. I have continually focused on surface and its relationship to these large forms. For the past few years I have been on a journey to better define that relationship. While the origins of the wheel-turned vessel speak of utility, in the end I choose to eliminate the notion of utility in favor of vessels that perhaps hold spirit rather than matter.  The work consists of wheel thrown stoneware vessels large in scale, pit-fired using stains and oxides for color.  The pieces are often altered and assembled… contemporary forms brought to life using primitive surface treatments.   I enjoy working on a very large scale, pushing myself to master bigger vessels. I have found that in spending several hours on a four foot tall urn, or a 3 foot wide platter there is a greater sense of focus, communion with the clay and the solitude of the studio, and a greater degree of commitment  to each individual piece.