RoelzAI relate to pattern, texture & simple composition, much as I see them naturally occurring on the beach the woods or by the water. I utilize those influences to create a rugged style of shapes, structures & patterns. I am a metal smith by the choice that allows me to impart control over metal by hand working with antique hammers and large 150yr. old anvil. Using recycled metals, primarily silver wire, sheet, copper, brass, gold accents, leather & beach stones I represent a sculptural style that is substantial enough for unisex designs, can be worn daily or taken to a higher level of adornment, purely by recognizing their simplicity and focus. This technique of using my hand and hammer on each of the elements of my work creates a structure full of energy that reveals a palpable pattern resulting in one of a kind impressions since the hammer never strikes the same way twice. I patina my work to enhance the character & hand polish for final organic style directed to both men and women.