• Each artist is permitted only one 10’x10’ or 10’ x 20’ booth space according to official booth allocation


  • Assignments of spaces are non-transferable, and work MUST BE CONTAINED WITHIN THE ASSIGNED SPACE.


  • Artist signage should be prominently displayed. (Signage will be provided)


  • No hawking, loud music or behavior likely to interfere with the ability of others to conduct business is allowed.


  • Displays may include pedestals, shelving, tables, columns, bins, display cases, hinged walls or panels. Tables should be covered with table skirts. All display units need to be kept in good condition (nothing chipped, stained, worn, or broken). Be creative, but professional!


  • All booth material, tarps, and other coverings shall be fire retardant or resistant.  All roofs, walls, panels, coverings and tents shall be fire retardant or resistant.  A manufacturer tag or paperwork certifying fire retardance or resistance must be available on site.  The Ann Arbor Fire Department will remove a strip of tent fabric for on site testing if you have removed your tag or cannot provide documentation.


  • All booths must be free standing and be weighted down appropriately and must not be attached to parking meters/booths, fire hydrants, street signs, light poles or other City of Ann Arbor or University of Michigan property.


  • Fire Lanes or Pedestrian Right of Way shall not contain storage or any other obstruction.  No tent awnings, chairs, tables, art, sculpture, umbrellas, boxes, music stands, plants, bags, wagons, generators, light stands, cash registers, or any item which blocks free and clear passage of the street Fire Lanes. (Code Section F311.0)  Walk through sidewalk street connections (aisles between sections of booths) shall not contain storage or other obstructions as listed above (Code Section#R155-4-93)


  • Each artist is responsible for recording all sales made during the fair for Michigan Sales Tax purposes.


  • The Fair reserves the right to refuse space to if work is not presented according to these guidelines.





Additional Fair Guidelines:


  • No animals are permitted within the confines of the fair.


  • Parking and traffic are not permitted in the exhibit area during fair hours.  Vehicles are not permitted within the barricades during fair hours.


  • Artist’s shall abide by all local ordinances, regulations and rules.


  • Open flames are not allowed.  No candles, torches, incense or other open flames are allowed in the street, sidewalk-street connections or in artist booths.




  • Picture ID is required for registration and must be presented upon the request of Fair Staff at any time during the fair.



  • Sales are permitted during fair hours only.  Between 10:00am and 9:00pm. Thursday – Saturday and  Noon and 6:00pm on Sunday.


     · On-site consumption of alcoholic beverages during fair hours is   prohibited.


  • No debris may be left behind after tearing down.  Vendors will be billed for removal of refuse.


  • Artist’s violating the rules of this fair may be asked to leave and will become ineligible for readmission to future events.