I think art should make people feel something, and while I’m happy when creating art and hope that translates in my work, it fascinates me that the same art can mean different things to different people. Maybe it makes them remember a time long past or special place they’ve been. Seeing them project their feelings onto my work, and absorb new feelings from it, is truly a rewarding experience. I’m honored that things I’ve created have brought joy to many and are now hanging in people’s homes. I love making something appear on a blank space. I sometimes get lost in the process and am genuinely surprised when I step back and see the bird or landscape or city scene I’ve captured on canvas. I love it when my little boy says “Dad, you painted that?! I love it!” There’s no greater feeling my art could give to me than that.

I exclusively use a palette knife to apply oils or acrylics to my canvas. I love the bold movements and rich textures I can achieve through using a knife. Also using an impasto style, this technique allows for large, sweeping gestures or minute, dramatic details.

Art is good. And I couldn’t be more thankful that I get to create some every day.