Lisa TeviaClarkThe seeds of these mosaics have been rattling around inside me for a long time. We made a space to make them real. The process began as I drew and carved images in porcelain clay. Closing my eyes at night became a gateway to visions of new worlds. The process has been a journey and an adventure.

Beautiful World and Worlds of Wonder are our latest collections of original mosaics, composed with our own handmade porcelain elements. They can be placed on a wall to be savored as art. These mosaics can become the artistic focus for a kitchen, shower, spa, pool or fireplace surround to create a soulful gathering place. Lisa & Jim have been making original mosaics using their own Bella Vista Tile elements, semi-precious stone, common stone and cultured pearls since 2006. Art Tile Mosaics embody design ideas that can be adapted and scaled to create feature walls and become the artistic focus of a permanent installation.

Bella Vista Tile: Handmade Art Tile

Lisa TeviaClark & Jim Clark founded Bella Vista Tile in 2004. We produce an imaginative collection of decorative & durable tile suitable for interior and exterior installation. Bella Vista Tile is made using the finest high-fired porcelain, and has a romantic, lyrical feeling enhanced by glazes reminiscent of jewels, aged metal and ivory. Please visit our website to see installation photos & our current catalogue. Scroll down the Home page to see a short video of us at work in our studio.