booth-125-dawn-estrin-george-wilsonBijou Graphique was started in 1995. Since that time, artists Dawn Estrin and George Wilson have combined forces to create a unique vision of what jewelry can be. The artists have lived and worked together for twenty years, both exploring many mediums and materials. Their work together reflects a common interest in themes such as art, romance, and humor.

Dawn has pursued art since her teen years when she studied metalworking at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts for painting and drawing. Later in life, she became interested in photography, a craft she taught herself and has practiced for 15 years. She draws on a vast collection of images used in the jewelry.

George’s interest in art also goes back to his early life. He has accumulated years of knowledge about a multiplicity of materials and techniques to design and build the jewelry. He conceives processes as well as making many of the tools used in their creation.