booth-195-marcella-alberto-toroSince 1974 we, Alberto and Marcella Toro, have worked in the medium of LEATHER. Our first products were completely made by hand; today 32 years later, we continue to create each piece by hand with the simplest of tools. Our signature is the plaiting (braiding), knotting, and hand-stitching that each handbag, ottoman, and bench carries.¬† Alberto was born in Colombia, South America¬† and is a self-taught master leather craftsman. Marcella, while living in Colombia, learned to braid and so they began their work together. The work is handsome, functional, and of excellent craftsmanship: it is limited production. “Over the years we have chosen to continue our work simply, without studio production. We feel it is our responsibility to make our living: and so we do it everyday, piece by piece with the rhythm of each day.”