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mcdanielCreating bowls and vessels is a rewarding and time-consuming process. I perform all the work from start to finish. The pieces begin from found trees felled by storms, construction sites, and road clearing.  The work is from northern hardwoods such as cherry, ash, maple, and walnut. All pieces are from one block of wood.

All of my turnings are twice turned. The first time, the piece is left thick to slowly dry, then it is turned again, sanded and polished and a finish is added.  With minimal care these bowls and vessels should last for generations!

My one of a kind pieces reflect a blending of thirty years of woodworking skill in various endeavors such as furniture, sculpture, and carving.  I enjoy the challenge of woodturning.

There has always been a strong bond between wood and myself.  Trees and all the enrichment in our lives they provide are so important to me. I try to give to such a strong medium as wood the respect it deserves. In my work, whether in a jagged bark edge bowl, a vertical form, or a simply designed functional bowl, I hope this respect is evident.

With this expressive art form I hope that I may find a way to relate to others and have them enjoy the simplicity of line and solid beauty of wood.